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Monday, 16 April 2012

English Drama

  Situation I
                There is a little boy named Zona. His full name is Muhammad Zona Gufiralla. He is a shy boy. That’s why, he never talk to other people. Poor boy...
                One day, a fairy godmother comes to him.
R: What a poor boy are you... What’s happening, boy? Do you have any problems?
Z: Oh, who are you? Why do you use bling bling dress?
R: Oh, this dress? I borrowed it from my Mom.  Is it nice?
Z: Well, it’s too bling bling I guess.
R: Stop talking ‘bout my dress. Do you have any problems, dear?
Z: Yes, I have. Fairy, I’m a shy boy. I couldn’t talk to anybody I met. What’s happening to me?
R: It’s because you’re too shy, honey... Here, let’s my magic help you to get your friend. Bling bling bling...
                The Fairy godmother swings his wand and some stars come to Zona’s self.
Z: Thank you, fairy mother!
R: Yak! I’m not getting married! Don’t call me mother!!

Situation II (5 years later...)
                Zona grows into a teen boy. He has a lot of friends, and one of them is Rizki Medis.
M: Oh, hey boy! How are you?
Z: I’m very well! What ‘bout you?
M: I’m fine too!
Z: Hey, what’s about your band competition yesterday? Did you win?
M: Yeah, of course! I won second place!
Z: Wow! Congratulation on your winning, Medis!
M: Your welcome, Zona!

Situation 3
                Zona is wondering to see Medis brought a girl.
Z: Medis? Who is she? Is she your girlfriend?
M: What? Of course not! She’s my course’s friend. Her name is Resti Anisa Lestari. Resti, this is my school’s mate, Muhammad Zona Gufiralla.
R: How do you do?
Z: How do you do? Nice to meet you, Resti.
R: Nice to meet you, too.
Z: Medis, I guess I ever see her. But I wonder when.
M: That’s impossible, Zona! She’s new in our town. She moved here ‘bout 3 days ago.
Z: No, I don’t believe it. I know that I ever met her in the future!
R: Em, I’m sorry. But I don’t think so. I guess I never met you.
Z: (confuse) Oh. Okay. Fine.
M: By the way, my band will celebrate our winning in the party tonight. Would you like to come?
Z: A party? Wow, that will be great. I’d love to come.
R: Em... I don’t know if I could come or not... Nobody will take me to there.
Z: Hey, what about me? I think I can pick you up.
R: Really? Hm... Okay. I would come.
M: That’s great!
R: Zona, you can pick me up in my home in Graha Puri at 7 o’clock.
Z: Okay.

 Situation 4
                Zona is getting ready to pick Resti up. Suddenly, a light comes from his door.
Z: Wow, it’s so bliiingg...
                Slowly, the light turns off. Zona is surprise to see Resti is standing in front of him.
Z: Resti? What are you doing here?
R: Hey, I’m not Resti. I’m a fairy that came to you 5 years ago. Don’t tell me that... you don’t remember me? Hey, I’m the one who made you got many friends!
Z: (remembering) Oh, I remember! You’re the fairy mother!
R: How many times I should tell to you that I’m not getting married! You totally forget about me!
Z: Hehe, i’m sorry. But I’m surprise to see you’re here.
R: Well, I just want to appear in front of you to say goodbye. I will be born again to this world. Well, actually I was born again. Do you know your friend Resti? I was born to be in her body. I know you’re confuse now, but don’t think about it.
Z: I’m confuse too.
R: Well, goofbye Zona. I hope we’ll meet again next time!
                That fairy godmother disappears. Zona couldn’t say anything, except...
Z: Good bye, too.

The End


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